Animals should not be kept in cages

A cage is an enclosure used to confine or protect something people nowadays keep animals in cages for entertainment and profit purposes some people say that caging the animals is a money-making gimmick and it is unethical as it deprives them of their freedom however, there are other reasons, such . Should animals be kept in captivity a debate by alessandra filippone 503 i love animals, so when i see them in a cage, i feel so bad for them no, animals should not be. Animals should be kept in cages/captivity because many fabulous zoo keepers/scientist are trying to breeding animals that are endangered or extinct and if they do . Animals should never be kept in cages for vivisection purposes, it is cruel, barbaric and always ends with inconclusive results cows, pigs, chickens are not wild animals they are domestic animals i dance in the mud 9 years ago.

Ideally no animal should be in a cage, however, since humans seem to be unableto keep their hands off of anything we now have some exceptions amimals that were taken into captivity very young and not raised with others of their own kind often will lose the ability to relate to their own kind. It is cruel to keep animals in cages what do you think do you agree or disagree perhaps you can think of ideas for both sides of this topic. But the cage itself is not the driving force of the cruelty – it is the humans who stand to profit from the suffering i hate how animals get kept in cages .

Why should animals be kept in zoos in an ideal world that would not be necessary, wild animals would roam freely in their natural habitats and we, humans, would find ways to observe them and learn about them without disrupting their lives. In fact, animals should not be locked up because animals will be gloomy, animals will be hungry and animals need to be free animals should not be in cages i strongly believe animals should not be locked up in cages. Animals are not ours what’s wrong with keeping birds in cages birds older than 8 to 10 weeks of age don’t sell well at pet shops so many are kept for . Free essays on animals and birds should never be kept in cages get help with your writing 1 through 30. Aquatic animals do not have enough water, birds are prevented from flying away by having their wings clipped and being kept in bird cages furthermore, the locations of zoos in urban areas leads to accidents like the fox attack at london zoo in 2010 that killed 11 south african and rockhopper penguins2.

This helped me on my essay i do not think animals should be kept in zoos because there is a lot of cruelty they use things and test it on the animalsthey need to see freedom they deserve to be free they do not want to see poking all the time on the glass they put drugs in the animals even the animals have to stay in a cage some of them . Animals kept in cages view: it stands to reason that we should not do it to others, even animals and birds the sense of justice we hold so dear when it comes to . Firstly, animals should not be kept in cages for the health and hygiene of both the human and the animal because, the cage becomes dirty and bacteria will grow and it is likely that the animals will become sick. I think that animals should not be kept in the zoo because what if the baby animals are kept in the zoo in cages while their actual parents are in the wild and the baby animals would miss their parents unless the zoo keeper let the baby animals free so they can see thier actual parents again. Should animals be kept in cages no, i think animals should not be kept in cages because some animals would like to move around and have some fun with there other friends animals are fun to watch at the zoo, but i think seeing animals in cages is just not rightanimals also like to be with there other friends,instead of just sitting in cages.

Animals should not be kept in cages

Some people feel that animals should not be kept in cages because people think that animals might bite them but animals or pet will bite if you keep them in cages for a long time and will not be kind to you and may bite you first of all, the animals should not be kept in cages because they would . Space is a big issue these animals should be in the wild this has prompted public revulsion against the squalid, imprisoning animals should not be kept in. If we keep more and more animals in cages not only will the species become extinct or endangered but the animals will lose their natural way of life from being in a natural habitat to being locked up in cages. Animals should not be kept in zoos as i think there is no reason whatsoever why these beautiful and brave creatures, great and small, should be forced into cages and small enclosures, which many people would consider to be cruel and unjust.

  • Well, i don't believe any dog should be kept in a cage, no matter the size, unless its for a short period of time( vet, trip, etc) same with cats or any house bred animal to that size range birds .
  • Animals should not be kept in cages unless they are dangerous freedom should not be a privilege of humans alone animals have the right to freedom, too .
  • Raveena tandon, who has been appointed as the 'park ambassador' of the sanjay gandhi national park, has urged people not to lock up animals in cages.

There are many animals that are being kept in cages at zoos i strongly beleive that they should be free and have freedom so that they can do whatever they want like us humans. “keep me rather in this cage, and feed me sparingly, if you dare “i was reading about animals a while back and there was this motherfucking scientist in . I believe that animals should be allowed to enjoy their own natural habitat and live with their family freely, not trapped behind bars and cages so no, i do not agree that animals should be kept in zoos. Here’s what zoo animals have to say about life in a cage 96 total sanctuaries because they are unable to return to the wild after being kept as a pet or part of a roadside animal attraction .

animals should not be kept in cages Animals should not be kept in cages as animals cannot live the life they deserve in cages as they live in their natural habitat(maham,dua,mabdullah) 1 year ago side: we disagree support dispute clarify.
Animals should not be kept in cages
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