Importance of urdu as a national language

Considering urdu is the national language of india (although they pretend it is a different language and call it 'hindi'), i don't see why urdu cannot be our national language haider may 02, 2017 11:01am. That is why, every nation gives out respect and importance to national language rich treasure of prose and poetry the urdu language possesses a very valuable treasure of poetry and prose. In our country the craze of english language is at its peak our local language is urdu then why we are giving much importance to english japan, china, germany, korea and russia they all are well developed countries but they do not know english and if you want to work in these countries then you have to learn their local languages, development does not means that everyone in your country is . Role of urdu in national integration language is the only media by which one can express his ideas and feelings it plays a vital role in building the character of an individual and the whole nation. This feature is not available right now please try again later.

Urdu is the national language of pakistan (as well as being one of the official languages of india) and the language of a rich literary tradition, both in the form of poetry stretching back to the 17 th century and prose from the 19 th century it is also a tremendously important language strategically in south asia. Importance of urdu as a national language : the importance of national language is evident as at the time of creation of pakistan, muslims were introduced as a separate nation on the basis of religion, culture as well as language. Free essays on urdu is our national language for the urdu language: the national language of the pakistani taken place but in my essay i have focused free essays on importance of urdu as a national language for students.

Urdu is the national and official language of pakistan official correspondence and data need to be in urdu so that a common man can read and understand it similarly, all utility bills and courts judgments, national and international speeches by the heads of the state has been ordered by the supreme court of pakistan to be in urdu just for the . The urdu language is an indo-aryan language that is spoken by over 100 million people, which makes it another important language to study the language is dominant in many parts of india, the middle east, nepal, bangladesh and many other locations worldwide. The history of the urdu language description this work, published in delhi in 1920, is a history of the urdu language from its origins to the development of an urdu literature. Language of pakistan it is important to note that urdu, the national language, comes in fourth place among the languages with the largest number of speakers . Pakistan should have adopted punjabi as national language: hafiz saeed hafiz saeed, chief of jama'at-ud-da'wah (jud), a front group of banned militant outfit lashkar-e-toiba (let), has questioned pakistan's decision to adopt urdu as its national language in a country where majority of people speak punjabi language.

There is no national language as declared by the constitution of india hindi, odia, santali, urdu, punjabi, kamtapuri, rajbanshi, kurmali: list of official . The urdu language is the national language and one of two official languages of the country of pakistan the other official language is english it is also one of 22 of the official languages that exist in india. Urdu belongs to the indo-aryan family and thus is an indo-european language it has developed in the present shape under the great influence of persian, arabic, turkish, punjabi, and other indigenous languages of indian sub-continent during the delhi sultanate and mughal empire from 12th to 18th century. اردو زبان کا تاریخی پس منظر – a short history of the urdu language the teachers are professional, knowledgeable and most important . Urdu is the national language of pakistan urdu is a word of turkish language ,which means army it is a comprehensive body of literature and is also spoken and understood world over hindi .

The importance of language: how urdu can help build a strong national narrative by usman younus language has been an important and effective means of communication throughout the course of history. “there’s no doubt that urdu will be the national language of pakistan and people resisting it will be its enemies” quaid-e-azam used to speak little urdu but by then he knew the importance of it. The importance of urdu is not just for indian muslims , it is for all the muslims in the world the reason behind this is at first arabic is the most important language for muslims and after that comes urdu as both of them are considered sister languages as there is a lot of similarity between them and the holy book quran was revealed in the arabic language. Article 251(1) of the 1973 constitution of pakistan, titled national language, specifies: the national language of pakistan is urdu, and arrangements shall be made for its being used for official and other purposes within fifteen years from the commencing day.

Importance of urdu as a national language

Importance of urdu language quotes - 1 the great enemy of clear language is insincerity when there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink. It dawned on me that although urdu is our national language, we often willingly neglect it, and that i didnt see any board depicting what exactly was going on there in urdu there are two huge boards displaying the plan of the ramps and the underpass, but one is at a loss of words when it comes to explaining these things in urdu to a . Every nation needs some marks of identity language is the prime mark of identification of any nation pakistan is a federation of four provinces and its national language is urdu.

Urdu is a south asian language spoken in pakistan as a national language (qaumi zabaan) urdu is also one of the officially recognized languages in india and has official language status in the indian states of uttar pradesh, bihar, andhra pradesh, chhattisgarh and the national capital, new delhi. Importance of urdu language saturday, october 12, 2013 by daniyal shaikh 1 comments a + a - urdu, the national language of asian nation, was created round the 1600’s in central asia.

Why pakistan is changing its official language from english to urdu so what will change with urdu as the national language wrote in a blog post about the importance of federal . Pakistan to replace english with urdu as official language must make urdu the national language within 15 years however, the law is yet to be implemented it important to development of . The importance of languages guide - why importance of languages, important of language to society, importance of languages for the individual.

importance of urdu as a national language Importance of urdu language in urdu  origin of the urdu language: the national language of the pakistani people or our ‘qaumi zuban’ is interestingly, . importance of urdu as a national language Importance of urdu language in urdu  origin of the urdu language: the national language of the pakistani people or our ‘qaumi zuban’ is interestingly, .
Importance of urdu as a national language
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